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Marseille Poster : Provencal Expressions in Mixed Words

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To (re)discover all the Provençal and Marseille expressions, in a fun way : more than 100 mixed words to speak like a true Provence native – to be read with the accent! More than 100 mixed words to speak like a true Marseille native.

For every poster purchased, one is offered for you to write on!

  • Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper.
  • FSC-certified paper for the protection of forests
  • Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the poster
  • Printed and shipped on-demand
  • Lightweight 1-2 cm (0.4-0.8″) thick frame with shatterproof, transparent plexiglass
  • Includes hanging kit, to hang in both portrait and landscape orientations For indoor use
  • The frame and poster are delivered separately They have to be assembled after the reception

Poster Marseille : Do you speak Provence?

“Oh fraté, lève-toi de là tu nous emboucane !” You are on the Canebière in Marseille and you have not understood anything? It is normal, they are the expressions of Provence and Marseille. I have been living in Provence for more than 10 years, and I discover new Marseilles expressions every day! I used to live in Lyon and I have created a guide to the true Lyonnais if you want to have a look at it!
To understand every word if you are in Provence or especially in Marseille, I have selected the 100 most common expressions in Marseille (and the funniest too).

To spice it up, I put in this Marseille poster the wordings that only Provençal people understand in mixed words, just to have a fun time looking for them! Here is the list of these expressions and the solution of the word puzzle to better understand the Marseille language.

Marseille Poster : The favorite Provencal expressions

  • Arapède : person you can’t get rid of. Said of an extremely clingy person
  • Bédigasse : simpleton, stupid
  • Boucan : is said of someone who is particularly difficult to live with or who does nonsense things
  • Cafoutche : untidy place
  • Collègue : a friend, a buddy, a comrade
  • De longue : permanently, continuously, perpetually, always
  • Dégun : nobody Ex : il y a degun = there is no one
  • Fada : crazy
  • Frit confit : completely drunk
  • Mon vier maintenant ! : interjection marking surprise, rejection or indignation
  • ‘Peccable : flawless
  • Peuchère : expresses affectionate or ironic commiseration
  • Stoquefiche : skinny, gaunt person

Provençal expressions on the theme of food and drink

  • Aioli : A sauce made with egg yolk, olive oil and garlic, aioli looks like mayonnaise in its consistency
  • Apéro : Essential to the southerner, the apero (aperitif) is the moment before dinner when one enjoys, alone or with others, a glass of a generally alcoholic drink and a few things to nibble.
  • Chichi : large sweet doughnut
  • Bouillabaisse : Provencal fish dish served in its broth with slices of bread.
  • Fly : pastis
  • Gommé : beer with lemon syrup
  • Huile d’olive : Olive oil
  • Oursinade : sea urchin tasting
  • Pac à l’eau : lemon syrup
  • Panisse : preparation based on chickpea flour, which can be fried or baked
  • Pastaga : pastis
  • Pastis
  • Ricard
  • Rosé : rosé wine
  • Sardinade : sardine tasting
  • Tapenade : recipe made of black or green olives, traditionally crushed in a mortar with olive oil, capers, anchovy fillets, garlic, and herbs of Provence

Marseille poster – The most famous places of Marseille

  • Belsunce : district of Marseille near the Canebière
  • Calanques : Coves surrounded by rocks
  • Canebière: avenue in the center of Marseille that goes from the Eglise des Réformés to the Vieux Port
  • Corniche : boulevard along the sea in Marseille
  • Estaque: district of the 16th arrondissement of Marseille, in the northwest of the city. Old isolated hamlet of fishermen and tile makers
  • Goudes : district and port of the 8ᵉ arrondissement of Marseille, at the southern gateway to the city and the Calanques National Park
  • Iles du Frioul: archipelago located about 2.7 km off the coast of the Endoume district, in Marseille
  • Panier: typical district of Marseille located in the 2ᵉ
  • Pointe Rouge : A neighborhood in the 8ᵉ arrondissement of Marseille, located in the south of the city between the Vieille Chapelle and Montredon
  • Vieux Port : historical and cultural center of Marseille.

Verbs of the Marseilles expressions

  • Bader : to look with admiration, or stupidly, it depends.
  • Baiser Fanny : when you don’t score any points in bowls – the challenge is to place a kiss on Fanny’s buttocks
  • Bisquer : to feel spite, to make people slightly angry, to make grumble
  • Caguer : to shit Not to be confused with “se caguer” which means to be afraid.
  • Chaler : transporting someone on a bicycle or moped
  • Caner : to be afraid, to die
  • Emboucaner : to smell bad, to curse, to bring bad luck
  • Empéguer : to get drunk, to engulf, to numb, to catch, to swindle or to get reported
  • Esquiché : to be packed like sardines
  • Esquinter : to cause damage
  • Quiller : to place something somewhere high or isolated
  • Marronner : to grumble
  • Se filer : to fight
  • Boulègue : to get active (or mix and stir, depending on the context)
  • Ensuquer : to stun, overwhelm, numb, to put to sleep
  • Escagasser : to tire, to bore, to annoy
  • to brag
  • Péguer : to be sticky

And the unclassifiable Marseilles expressions:

  • Ballon : synonymous of soccer and the stadium in Marseille
  • Bordille : someone of little worth
  • Bougnette : stain on a piece of clothing
  • Cabanon : hut of the seaside which, originally, was used by the fishermen to store their equipment
  • Cacou : Show-off, braggart
  • Caganis : the youngest member of a team, a family, a class, etc.
  • Cagnard : the sun when it is strong
  • Cagole : vulgar girl
  • Chibre : male sex
  • Cigales : cicadas
  • Coquin de sort ! : expression that means disarray, anger, exasperation, etc.
  • Couillon : Idiot
  • Dégaine : relative to the look or appearance of someone, but can also mean “good”.
  • Des oursins dans la poche : stingy
  • Emplâtre : Slap
  • En pagaille : in large numbers
  • Esplaï : place
  • Estrasse : used to talk about an object or person in poor condition
  • Fatche de ! :is used to express a whole range of emotions
  • Fraté : brother, friend
  • La con de ta race ! : generally offensive
  • Languir : looking forward to something
  • Lève toi de là ! : go away
  • Mistral : North wind
  • Niaille : stupid
  • Oh fan ! : exclamation due to surprise, admiration, astonishment or also exasperation
  • Oh putain de la Bonne Mère ! : swear word
  • Pachole : female sex
  • Pacoulin : redneck, hillbilly
  • Palanquée : a large quantity
  • Patin-Couffin : et cetera
  • Pébron : Bell pepper, fool
  • Pistou : basil
  • Pitchoun : kid
  • Pointu : small boat
  • Rataillon : rest, small amount of food
  • Santon : to put in the crib during Christmas time
  • Marseille Soap
  • Tarpin : a lot
  • Testard : stubborn
  • Tu me fends le coeur !
  • Tu tires ou tu pointes ? : you have to know how to do both to be a good petanque player. “Pointer” means getting the ball as close to the jack as possible. “Tirer” means throwing the balls to clear the opponent’s ball that is well placed
  • Va te jeter aux Goudes ! : the friendly equivalent of “get lost! ” or “go to hell!”

The solution to the Marseilles crossword puzzle – spoiler alert!



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