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Radio Alphabet, Marine Flags and Morse Code Poster

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Available in 3 sizes, with or without frame:

  • 30×40 cm (12×16″)
  • 50×70 cm (20×28″)
  • No frame
  • Wooden frame
  • Black frame
  • White frame
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Poster size Guide

Poster size Guide

Poster size guide

Adventurers, explorers, thrill and chills seekers, here is your cheat sheet poster! Learn about the radio alphabet, Morse code and marine flags.

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The NATO Radio Alphabet or Phonetic Alphabet

The radio alphabet is a code used for communications, which consists in representing each letter by a word
This "alpha code" is recognized and used worldwide, among others by NATO
These word are not chosen randomly!
To begin with, they are chosen in an acrophonic way, that is to say that they must begin with the letter they represent. The aim is to avoid ambiguity between similar sounds (such as "m" and "n", "p" and "b"), which can occur due to the noise and interference to which radio transmissions are frequently subjected.
Then, the words of the radio alphabet are selected to be easily pronounceable, and without being confused with other words.

The International Phonetic Alphabet can save lives!

Mastering this radio alphabet allows you to broadcast a clear message, save time and increase safety at sea. This standardization of words between interlocutors is the guarantee of good communication.
It is used in the police, the army, for naval communications... In short, it is a must!

The words chosen in each radio alphabet differ from country to country or organization to organization. However, it is the NATO one that has been chosen and has been the most used since the 1950s. Radio alphabets are often referred to as phonetic alphabets but should not be confused with phonetic transcription systems (such as the International Phonetic Alphabet) which are also so called.
To say "hi", you will say "Hotel India".

Marine flags

The international code of naval flags also represents letters and numbers. This international code of marine signals allows the letters of the alphabet to be represented from a ship, using different flags, which can be used in several ways:
- Each flag has its own specific meaning,
- Each flag is used as a letter of a message,
- One or more flags form a code word that can be decoded with the help of the S.H.O.M. book N°32 (S.H.32 for France) that each boat has to have on board.

The most known is the A which means, "I have divers diving" but the Q is also known because we have to hoist it when we arrive in a new country, to ask for the customs operations...

This poster will fit perfectly with the Beaufort scale, which describes the strength of the wind!

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Dimensions (cm)

30×40 cm (12×16″), 50×70 cm (20×28″)


Poster in French


No frame, Wooden frame, Black frame, White frame


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