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Whisky Poster – Guide to the Best Whiskies in the World

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Available in 3 sizes, with or without frame:

  • 30×40 cm (12×16″)
  • 50×70 cm (20×28″)
  • No frame
  • Wooden frame
  • Black frame
  • White frame
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Poster size Guide

Poster size Guide

Poster size guide

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in an armchair. Muted music, hushed atmosphere. In your hand, a glass of whisky with golden shades.

Allright, but which whisky? Where does it come from? How was it made? How to describe its flavours?

Discover in this whisky poster the best whiskies of the world, their aromatic profile (fruity, sweet, smoked, peaty…) and their type: single malt, bourbon, blend…

  • Everyone talks about Lagavulin Whisky, but do you know which countries and regions it comes from or what are its main aromatic characteristics?
  • What to choose when you like fruity and woody whisky?
  • What are the best American bourbons?

Discover the best whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Japan and the United States and their flavour profile at a glance with this whisky poster.

The ultimate guide to show off at parties with friends, or to choose what to drink by the fire. And you will finally know whether to say “Whisky” or “Whiskey”!

The poster is available in French and English.

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Whisky poster: where does whisky come from?

The mystery surrounding whisky lies in the enigma of its past, and the origin of whisky remains a subject of controversy between the Irish and the Scots. One thing is certain: the first written mention of whisky appeared in 1494 in a document in Scotland.

In this whisky poster, you will discover the main types of whisky and how they are made:

  • Single Malt
  • Single Grain
  • Blended Malt
  • Blended Grain
  • Blend
  • Pot Still
  • Bourbon
  • American Whiskey
  • Wheat Whisky
  • Corn Whisky
  • Rye Whisky
  • Grain Whisky
  • Scotch Whisky

Whisky guideposter : which aromatic profile ?

We have also classified the best whisky in the world by aromatic profile:

  • Fruits
  • Spices
  • Wood
  • Herbs
  • Malt
  • Flowers
  • Sweet
  • Smoke
  • Peat
  • Maritime
  • Médicinal

Discover in our whisky poster the best whiskies in the world: Aberlour, Glen Grant, Glenfiddich, Grant's, Macallan, Monkey Shoudler, Dalmore, Glenmorangie, Talisker, Jura, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Peat Monster, Chival Regal, Nikka, Chichibu, Jameson, Kilbeggan, Tullamore, mais aussi les fameux bourbons Jack Daniel's, Four Roses, Pappy Van Winkle and Woodford.

Whisky poster: what is whisky made of?

The whisky or whiskey is obtained by distillation of malted or non-malted cereals.

Whisky poster: how is whisky made?

The whisky making process is divided into 5 phases: malting, brewing, fermentation, distillation and aging.

The malting is obtained by drying barley seeds that have been previously germinated. Seeds are dried over an oven. To obtain the smoky or peaty taste, peat is added to the fuel, which gives some whiskies their particular flavors. Once dry, the malt is ground, and sometimes mixed with other unmalted cereals.

The malt is then brewed with hot water. It is this water which will give all its character to the whisky, according to the grounds which it crossed: peat, mineral or ground of heather.

Yeast is added to the resulting must to transform it into alcohol, which is then sent to the stills for distillation. At the end of this stage, the whisky is colorless and about 70° vol.

Finally, the whisky is aged in oak barrels. It acquires its beautiful amber color and its aromas. Often the barrels used have for ageing whisky have already been used to age American Bourbon, Spanish Sherry, Portuguese Port or French wine.

Whisky poster: Ernest Hemingway's wink

"You should never wait to kiss a pretty girl or open a bottle of whiskey".
- Ernest Hemingway

If you like Whisky, you may also appreciate our world rum map poster? Our whisky guide is also part of the Epicurean Pack, a pack of 6 posters. Take a look!

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Dimensions (cm)

30×40 cm (12×16″), 50×70 cm (20×28″)


Poster in French


No frame, Wooden frame, Black frame, White frame


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